• National School District's COVID-19 Safe Reopening Plan

    Below, please find National School District's Board Approved COVID-19 Safe Reopening Plan, as well as a list containing our Personal Protection Equipment Protocol's.

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Board Approved COVID-19 Safe Reopening Plan

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COVID-19 Plan de Reapertura Segura

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • Face coverings must be worn by everyone grades preschool through adult
    • Face coverings will be provided for all as needed or requested
    • Face shields will also be available for all staff
    • Gloves will be provided for custodial, kitchen, special education, and any other requesting staff member
    • Hand sanitizer for staff, students, and visitors will be available in classrooms, offices, entrances, and all common areas
    • Hand washing or use of sanitizer will be required when putting on PPE and after removal
    • Plastic bins and resealable bags will be provided for student supplies to prevent sharing
    • Acrylic germ shield barriers on wheels will be available in classrooms and front offices
    • Individual acrylic germ shield barriers (study carrels) will be available for student desks
    • Stanchions or other roping off system will limit access into office areas with open area desks
    • Room dividers (with windows) and cots will be purchased for each isolation area to separate potentially infectious persons
    • Touchless paper towel dispensers will be installed in each bathroom to avoid personal contact
    • Multiple touchless thermometers will be available at each site and offices for daily screening needs
    • Trash cans will not have lids, and will be emptied daily or upon need
    • Training will be provided for all students and staff on the proper user of PPE equipment

    Please click here to view a printable copy of National School District's Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protocols.